Achuar Nationality

Which in its dialect means, the people of the morete palm, are an ancestral culture that has inhabited the Amazon for more than two thousand years, so they have an invaluable knowledge of nature and the employ of resources to live in a harmony with the environment.

Until the 1960s, they had barely made contact with the society, in ancient times they were nomads, and living with internal conflicts were common, however, today they live peacefully. Considered as warrior people, actually are mainly dedicated to fishing, hunting and agriculture.

The Achuar practiced polygamy, one man can have several wives, as long as he can give the necessary livelihood  for their families. However, it is a tradition every time less common.

Nowadays, they are organized under the entity of the NAE (Achuar Nationality of Ecuador). They have binational presence, in Peru they are placed in Loreto and the high Amazon; in Ecuador, its territory is distributed in the provinces of Morona Santiago and Pastaza, within the latter, near the border with Peru, Kapawi Reserve is located, co-inhabited by 88 communities.

In Sharam community, into the deepest of the rainforest, we found ACHUAR LODGE. The territory of Sharam, which in the Achuar dialect means Golden parrot, embrace 12,000 hectares, where more than 80% is primary forest, considered a private reserve of the Achuar millennial town.

The community, is formed by 150 people, approximately 60 are women, 40 are men and 50 are boys and girls. It is located on the shore of the majestic Pastaza River at 240 meters above sea level.

In Achuar Lodge you will find a pleasand place to relax and be in touch with the pure nature and the achuar culture

Our 10 cabins built by hand using the local materials, will be part of your confotable experience at the Amazon basin in the Achuar territory.

Block 1: YUTUI Conga Cabin, that holds 4 rooms with twin beds each one , that can be joined in case of requiring double beds. In the middle hall there are 2 bathrooms and 2 independent showers.

Block 2: APUP Dolphin Cabin with 6 rooms, arranged in the same way, each one with twin beds. In the middle hall there are 4 bathrooms and 4 independent showers.

” This journey at the Amazon will change your life “