Achuar Community Visits

This is one of our most popular activities  at Achuar Lodge, because of the significant cultural contribution to the Achuar people. Guests will have a chance to be in contact with a community and its members and purchase some traditional handicrafts. Also learn about their way of life, society, culture and nature that surround them in their home, the fabulous Ecuador Amazon .

All the tours include a Native Guide and a Naturalistic Guide.

Camping Trip in the community

Offers an overnight trip where guests are invited into a traditional Achuar village in order to participate in the activities of daily life. Guests can interact with the local people and also take part in the traditional ceremonies of drinking guayusa, a black tea that plays an integral part of Achuar society. Ceremonies usually begin early in the morning by drinking guayusa (guayusa has no side effects) which will purify the stomach. While drinking guayusa around a campfire, an Achuar man will interpret the participants’ dreams. This trip is a unique experience where guests can begin to understand the daily lives of the Achuar people.

Night Walk or Canoe Ride, explore the jungle

After sunset, the rainforest seems to transform as many nocturnal animals are just emerging. Guests can experience these different species and stimuli through two options. A night walk around the hotel will allow guests to observe the many insects, amphibians, and reptiles that inhabit the forest. On the other hand, Achuar Lodge offers a tranquil canoe ride down the river where guests will be able to search for caimans, birds and nocturnal monkeys. All of this exploration is done under the beautiful starlit night sky.

Bird Watching at the jungle

The Ecolodge is located in the southeastern part of the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest, deep within the Amazon jungle. Because of the extreme biodiversity of the Lodge´s location, This is an ideal site for amateur bird lovers and Ornithologist alike. While at the Ecolodge, guests have a fantastic opportunity to spot rare birds indigenous to the area. A clay lick, where macaws feed in great numbers, is easily within walking distance from the lodge and is active year round. Additionally, blue and yellow macaws can be seen eating sand from one of the islands in the Pastaza River at certain times of the year.

Additional Rainforest Excursions

  • Natem Ceremony $120.00 per person
    During a visit to an Achuar Community where each one of the visitors will introduce themselves, the Shaman (Medicine Man) will prepare Natem (a drink that comes from an infusion of the root of the Ayahuasca plant) which will allow him to discover both the physical and spiritual issues of the visitors. The Shaman will invite you to enjoy the drink and later perform a cleansing of each of the integrated visitors.