The Achuar are a collective, ancient and self-sufficient nation of people settled in their ancestral territory in the current Ecuadorian provinces of Pastaza and Morona Santiago.

  • The Achuar, an indigenous people of the Amazon Basin, have inhabited the tropical rainforest for thousands of years, and possess a rich body of knowledge about the environment. They are also experts in land use and resource management which has allowed both people and ecosystems to survive in balance. The rainforest is the Achuars’ nourishing mother, and within this living web of forest trails, streams and rivers, they know virtually every plant, tree and animal. Here, they fish, hunt, and grow their crops as they have always done.
  • According to the Achuar, every plant and animal has its own soul and a living, almost human spirit. 
  • An Achuar is a living encyclopedia that can recognize each of the myriad of birds and animals with which he shares the forest. He knows every plant and tree, and can explain their medical uses. That is why both an Achuar guide and a formally trained naturalist interpreter accompany you on your exploration of the natural environment around Achuar Lodge.