Please read this information carefully before checking-in to Kapawi. After the check-in process, the passenger understands that all terms and conditions are accepted.

Our port of embarkation is Quito. If the passenger made arrangements with CEKSA to depart from a different city, then these terms and conditions will be deemed accepted in the new city of departure. CEKSA will not be responsible for any expenses incurred other than those specified in these policies.

Because of the size of the aircraft it is imperative to limit your luggage to a basic minimum weight; the maximum allowed is 25 pounds (11,3 Kilograms) per passenger including hand luggage, in case of excess baggage the airline will charge you USD $ 1,40 per each extra pound Luggage


    1.- If the passenger is unable to leave the lodge due to weather-related cancelations, CEKSA will fully cover lodging and meals as well as guided programs during the extra day (s) the guest remains in Kapawi Lodge. CEKSA will not be responsible for the expenses of other hotels, tourism programs, sea cruises, lodges or similar Facilities, and events, air or bus tickets, no penalties due to full or partial cancellations.


    2.- If the passenger cannot travel to Kapawi, due to weather or availability of aircraft and therefore stays one night in Quito, a one night refund will be made. This refund will be done though the travel agency that booked the reservation. Direct refunds to the passengers are not possible unless the passenger has purchased the excursion directly from CEKSA.

  • If the passenger accepts the refund he/she automatically agrees to make his/her own arrangements while in Quito, including lodging, food or transfer. CEKSA will provide free assistance for reservations if needed. Or alternatively:

    3.- CEKSA will book the passenger in a fo ur-star hotel and provide meals. In this case, the passenger agrees to resign the refund offered in paragraph (2). CEKSA will not cover drinks (unless included in the set menu), not telephone calls, tipping or any expenses other than those offered in this paragraph.


    4.- If the passenger flying out of Kapawi has to land in an alternative airport, CEKSA will fully cover lodging and meals as described in paragraph (1) of the policy. At its own discretion CEKSA will choose whether travel back to Quito shall be by plane or overland. CEKSA will not transport passenger to other cities.

    5.- If the passenger, on their way from Quito to Kapawi, has to land at an alternative airport, CEKSA will offer the best available lodging, snacks or meals (excluding alcoholic drinks), depending upon the length of the delay.

    6.- If the passenger, on his way to Kapawi, has to land at alternative airport and stay overnight in a local hotel, CEKSA will cover lodging and meals in the best available hotel (the quality of which varies depending on the town), 50% of one night refund will be covered and paid to the agency which booked the passengers, based on the paid rate charged in the tour package.
    Direct refunds to passenger are not possible unless the passenger has purchased the excursion directly from CEKSA. In that case, one of our representatives will assist you with arrangements for your refund.


    7.- If the passenger cannot depart by 14H00 to Kapawi after having spent one night in Quito or in an alternative town, then the following options will be offered:

    7.1 A 100% refund of the excursion, less the amount already refunded according to paragraph (2) or less one night if expenses according to paragraph (3) or (6) have been incurred.

    7.2 Alternatively, the passenger could switch his reservation to the next excursion available. By accepting this option the passenger agrees to be responsible for his/her own lodging, food, transportation etc. CEKSA will provide free assistance on reservations if needed.

  • The liability of CEKSA.

    1.- The owner and operator of the Kapawi Ecological Reserve and its sales agents is limited to the terms and conditions of the transportation and accommodations contract as set forth in the boarding documents given to all passengers.

  • A sample is available on request. Passengers are urged to read these conditions and to note that acceptance of the transportation contract represents acceptance of the conditions therein.

    2.- CEKSA expressly disclaims any responsibility for personal injury or property damage arising out of the act of negligence of any person or company, other than itself, rendering any service.
    3.- CEKSA. shall not be responsible for any damage or inconvenience caused by late air, car, train, or motor coach arrivals, shortage of fuel supply, cancellations or delays in departure or in return, nor for any loss or damage to baggage or any other article belonging to the passenger, occurring other than by reason of negligence on the part of CEKSA.

  • In the event of loss, damage or delay to the passenger’s baggage, personal effects, or property arising from or caused by reason of any act of God or public enemies, arrest, restraints of princes, rulers of people, piracy, war, revolution, extortion, terrorist actions, or threats, hijacking, bombing, threatened or actual rebellion, insurrection, civil strife, fire, explosion, stranding, grounding, slides, volcanic eruptions, perils of the rivers, canals, theft, accident to or from machinery, boilers, or latent defects even though existing at departure or commencement of journeys, barratry, desertion or revolt of staff, strike, lockout, stoppage of labor from whatever cause, or for any reason, or labor disturbance, whether or not such strike, lockout, stoppage of labor, or labor disturbance results from a dispute between the Carrier and its employees or between other parties, whether or not the fault of the carrier, or from losses of any kind beyond the Carrier’s control, whether or not like or similar character to the foregoing, CEKSA is not obligated to substitute another jungle lodge for any excursion and reserves the right to alter the advertised itinerary of the excursions, to delay any excursion or substitute or cancel scheduled days of arrival or departure.

    4.- CEKSA is responsible for providing air transfer to and from KE&R. However, if forces beyond our control forbid us to deliver on our promises, be it by an act of God, public enemies, detainment, curtailment of principles, lack of fuel, unavailability of airplanes, public laws, piracy, war, revolution, extortion, terrorist acts or threats, kidnapping, bombs, rebellion or threat of rebellion, insurrection, civil feuds, fire, explosion, entrapment, immobilization, threats by landslides, volcanic eruptions, rivers, canals, theft, accidents caused by machines, furnaces or latent preexisting defects from before the start of the trip; legal suits, desertion or personnel upheaval, strike, owner closure, stop of labor due to any reason including union labor issues between the travel agent and its employees or amongst other parties, whether it be the travel agents ́ fault or not, whether they resemble the above mentioned circumstances or not; CEKSA commits to provide land transportation for the air trip that was not taken for any of the above mentioned reasons, by being responsible for the costs of this trip as well as food and assistance during each portion of the trip.

All reservations require a minimum deposit of US$200 to confirm. The following is a description of our payment and cancellation policy:

Reservations and payments for individuals / groups and FITS Reservations made 90 days or more prior to the excursion departure date:

  • The deposit must be received within 10 days after date of request.
  • The total payment must be received 60 days prior to the excursion departure date.

Reservations made between 65 and 89 days prior to the excursion departure date:

  • The deposit must be received within 5 days after date of request.
  • The total payment must be received 60 days prior to the excursion departure date.

Reservations made between 64 days or less, prior to the excursion departure date:

  • The total payment is due to confirm the reservation. Cancellations and penalties:
  • Cancellations made 90 days or more prior to the excursion departure date receive a refund of the entire amount.
  • Cancellations made between 89 and 60 days prior to the excursion departure date will be subject to a USD $200 per passenger service charge.
  • Cancellations made between 59 and 30 days prior to the excursion departure date will have 50% of the total excursion rate refunded.
  • Cancellations made less than 29 days prior to the excursion departure date, no refund is available, of the trip neither transportation.

  • Cancellations for medical reasons or due to death of an immediate family member, which are received between 29 – 0 days prior to the excursion departure date, are subject to a 50% forfeiture of the excursion rate and 100% of the total transportation rate.CEKSA accepts changes on the excursion’s departure date or passenger’s names 30 days before the excursion starts, only if the reservation has been fully paid. In order to reconfirm the new excursion departure; this confirmation must be done 90 days after the original excursion’s date. For changes of excursions dates between 29 to 0 days the passenger has to pay the update transportation rate again
  • If the travel agent does not send the total payment to our office or to our bank account on the date specified by these policies, CEKSA is entitled to cancel the reservation, and will not be held responsible for the passenger’s cancelled tour.

IMPORTANT: Kapawi holds the right to require payment in full for any excursion that is requested when the lodge is already at a high occupancy.

The discount for Tour Leader will be applied to the double occupancy rack rate as follows

  • Groups of 0-8 passengers, the Tour Leader will be granted a 25% discount off the rack rate of the excursion.
  • Groups of 9-14 passengers, the Tour Leader will be granted a 50% discount off the rack rate of the excursion.
  • Groups of 15 or more passengers, the Tour Leader will be granted a 100% discount.

Tour leader occupancy in passengers cabin is subject to the excursion availability, otherwise the Tour Leader will be accommodated in Tour leader cabins.

Note: This discount does not apply to transportation rate.

The following conditions are to confirm a Tour Guide in a specific language or a naturalist bilingual guide specialist in birding programs:

  • Language Guide
  • At the lodge our naturalist guides are Spanish and English speaking, if you required a different language, you must specify this when you confirm your reservation. We can provide a translator for groups with less than 10 passengers at an additional cost of US$ 200.00 per day per reservation (not per passenger), this extra charge is required to be paid in full with the price schedule of the excursion.
  • Groups of 10 or more passengers, we will guarantee a bilingual guide.

  • At the lodge we have Achuar guides that are birding specialists. These guides are not always available so we need to know in advance if you would like a birding guide for your excursion at Kapawi. This information is required at the time of the confirmation of your program. Our bird specialists are Spanish; if you require an English bird specialist same rates and conditions apply as listed above.
  • For groups less than 10 passengers could confirm a birding specialists guide per US$ 200.00 per day (not per passenger).

This alternative is not available once the passenger has arrived at Kapawi, you must request this special service to our reservation department, and the additional cost will be billed with your excursion package.


    Dear Client,

    Thank you for buying an unforgettable journey to Kapawi Ecolodge & Reserve, please find below the information that you will need in order to make the international money transfer to our account

    Instructions for Wired Transfer

    Bank Name: Banco del Pacífico

    Ycaza 200 y Pedro Carbo GUAYAQUIL – ECUADOR

    Phone: (593 4) 2566010

    Fax: (593 4) 2566-010 Ext: 2285

    Account Name:

    Address: Av. de los Granados E14-958 y Charapa Edificio Los Granados, Segundo piso, Oficina N.- 2A Quito – Ecuador

    PBX: (593 2) 600 9333 ext.2010 . Fax:(593 2) 600 9334

    Account # 503474 4 Swift Code: pacieceg100

    As soon as the payment is confirmed, please e-mail us at and the following information:

    The amount that you paid converted in US Dollars

    Group name, number of persons traveling in your party, date of the excursion and booking code.

  • Please make sure that all money transferred and bank charges are covered by you and we receive full credit of the total amount requested in US Dollars.
  • Please consider an extra amount of USD$20,00 when you make your payment, since it is a cost that is being charged to our bank for international bank transferences.
  • It is important that you let us know when you send us the payment in order to track it at our end. Let us know your daytime phone number for contacting purpose.