Many people travel to the Amazon in search of a peaceful place to stay for some days, others want to stare at the beauties they offer, and some others want to make a difference by being volunteers at the indigenous communities that form the rainforest. This is one of the best experiences you can live, and it will help people to grow up and improve their knowledge about the outside world.

It doesn’t matter how you visit the Amazon: as long as you take care of the environment and treat people well, you can live a great moment in the Amazon. However, some individuals choose to have different journeys, and this is what we are going to show you here.


Things you can learn from the Achuars

This community believes that being a real community is essential, so they understand the meaning of working in groups for a common purpose.

  • All the individuals have a role inside the community, even children, who will be learning from young ages the tasks they will need to perform as they grow up. All of them feel themselves -and make others feel- part of a whole that will satisfy their humble needs only if they work together.

The Achuars do not need to have computers, cellphones, fancy foods or any other things to feel they are loved: they just share their time with other people, and they do care about each other by just being there and doing simple activities in common. This is the most sincere interaction you will find anywhere, and it’s what makes them so special.

Even when our culture and ways to see life are so different, what we have in common with the Achuars are the ideals of peace, love, teaching children to be the future of their community, and learning from those who are older. Their values are strong and they believe in the meaning of family and honor.