Kapawi is the best place you may visit to have a clue of how people live in the Amazon, with the comfort that some luxurious lodges and hotels around the world can provide. The only difference is that those hotels don’t have the wild activities we offer, and the landscapes that can only be found in this remote land.


We have planned a series of tour packages that adapt to the number of days you want to stay in the jungle and all of your special requirements, such as coming with children, elders, or people with special needs. Furthermore, we have suites for couples or single rooms for if you want to come alone, and we can celebrate your marriage here.

Packages designed for every need


Depending on the number of days you want to stay at the lodge and the activities you want to do, there is a special package that has all the entertainment you expect to enjoy. More days, more fun!

  • 3 nights and 4 days
  • 4 nights and 5 days
  • 4 nights and 8 days
  • Special suites

All our packages include accommodations, all meals, non-alcoholic drinks, excursions around the jungle and some of the river activities, land transportation from and to Quito, the necessary equipment for each excursion, and visits to the Achuar community, which include numerous activities.

  • If you have children under 12, you’ll pay half the price if they are with you in the same cabin.
  • For numerous families with children, you should hire a private guide to enjoy better the experience.


  • Extra expenditures:


You will need to take a plane from your country to Ecuador, which is not included in our rates. From Quito to Shell, the land trip will be all on us. At Shell you must take an airplane to Kapawi, which is an extra expense.


Once you arrive to Kapawi, you will see that there is an entire community working for you in every single detail. That is the Achuar community: you will need to pay an extra contribution for them to keep improving their services at the lodge.

  • Other expenditures such as alcoholic beverages, bottled water, and souvenirs, are also paid apart.


There are additional itineraries that you will also like:

  • Achuar Weddings in the native community
  • Natem Ceremonies
  • A romantic private river cruise for couples


Remember to save enough money to enjoy all of the attractions: plan your trip with enough time, at least six months in advance.

See all our updated rates on our website, and follow us on our social networks to know more about our packages, the services we offer, and everything you need to know about the place where we are, our community, and our lodge!