No need to say more, useful information, The Achuar and everything you have to know…

The main questions you may have:

  • The average temperature is around 25°C (77°F) and the relative humidity is about 90%. Being in Ecuador, Achuar have not four seasons like in temperate areas, there are anyway more and less rainy periods. Typically, the temperature is slightly lower during the rainy season and highest in the “time of less rain”.
  • The rainiest months are February to May and the dry and warm are December, January and August. The least rainy season is from June to January when the water in the rivers and lagoons decreases, it is a perfect place to watch the wildlife that approaches the edge of the river to get water time.
  • RememberAchuar is located in the tropical rainforest and rain can suddenly even if it is the least rainy season.
  • Achuar is located near the Ecuadorian and Peruvian border in the southeast of the Ecuadorian Amazon basin, Pastaza River, a major tributary of the Amazon, is one of the most pristine and isolated sites in the Amazon basin and is accessible only by air . The nearest village is a ten day walk.
  • Many, many birds (over 570 species in the area).
  • Many species of insects, including brightly colored butterflies, many of which have not been identified by scientists.
  • Thousands of species of plants, many of which are used for medicinal purposes by the Achuar.
  • Mammals such as freshwater dolphins, monkeys, bats and various kinds of rodents (including capybaras) you can see depending on the time of year. Because they are nocturnal mammals such as jaguars, ocelots and jaguarundi and other felines are difficult to observe
  • Achuar (and rainforest) is a safe and temperate as walking in a big city forest. Only a few animals are dangerous. They are generally shy and prefer running to attack (like poisonous snakes). This is why it is so difficult to see in the forest.
  • Has Achuar and naturalist guides who are well versed in the environment. They have a first aid kit and training for emergency purposes. Life jackets and well maintained paths and motorized canoes guarantee security for our visitors. An evacuation protocol is also available upon request.
  • As in most tropical countries, there is a risk of malaria. However, mosquitoes are not common in the Lodge and the use of nets on each bed reduces the risk. Around river Lodge a particular plant grows and produces a chemical called pyrethrum which is present in the mosquito repellent. This natural chemical prevents the growth of mosquito larvae so you will find very few mosquitoes in the Lodge.
  • The use of repellent is necessary to walk or visiting the communities. While the risk is low here, the anti-malaria medication is essential and we recommend you visit a doctor for advice.
  • It is not recommended to bring children under six years, but there is no upper age limit. The adult who has visited Achuar Lodge was 85 years and enjoyed your stay fully. 
  • Yes, you can. Anyway it is necessary to confirm your reservation and needs 30 days prior to the Lodge make the necessary logistical arrangements.
  • Currently they are dressed in western clothes due to the influence of missionaries. The Achuar still use many of their traditional accessories such as necklaces, bracelets and headbands and paint their faces for special occasions. They still live in traditional houses and use blowguns to hunt.
  • Passengers are always accompanied by a naturalist guide and Native Guide, and groups are up to 9 people.
  • Yes, please remember that the Achuar do not accept the practice of “catch and release”. This means that if you fish eats or delivery to your guide.
  • Anytime is unique. It always rains in the tropical rainforest. Anyway, the rainiest months are from February to May. During this period wildlife opportunities decrease and that is why we recommend taking longer programs.
  • If we have, please see our terms for service Special guidelines for bird watching – and any special guidance language – that are available.

IMPORTANT: orders for these special services guide and languages should be made to the Travel Agency when making your reservations, but at least one month before arriving at the Lodge These guides are not available once the visitor reaches. Achuar ask that you make extra payments when the service is confirmed.