Whether you’re a hyper organized traveler, or you’re a more spontaneous holidaymaker, we’ve put together some tips for your trip…

  • You can insure that your clothing does not get wet on the trip to Achua Lodge by packing all of your things inside plastic bags (generally garbage bags work best) and then placing everything inside your luggage. Your luggage will always be well cared for on the trip in but this provides extra insurance in case of a rainstorm while in the canoe on the final leg of the journey to the lodge.

  • It is possible to minimize the amount of clothing that you will need to bring with you to the lodge by having a “night-time” a set of dry clothes at the lodge, which you change into in the evening after returning from each day’s activities. And having a “day-time” set of clothes that you re-use each day when you go out on the various daily activities.

  • Do not bring audio gear unless you also have personal earphones to keep the sound private and to yourself.

  • Please do not bring presents, sweets or other gifts for the Achuar children or other community members. Educational materials (pens, note books, colored pencils, etc.) or sports equipment, however, can be appropriate to donate to the communities. The resident manager at the lodge can arrange for such donations to be distributed properly.

  • The Achuar are very pleased when you buy their handicrafts in the communities. To do this, we recommend you bring some amount of money with you to the lodge in small bills as the people in the communities will not be able to make change for your purchases.