Still don’t know what kind of weather you will get in your trip? No problem, here you have everything you need to know…

  • Geographically, the tropics are located between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn – the limits of the sun reaches the zenith. In the Amazon, tropical rain forest climate is always hot and humid with temperatures averaging 27.9˚C during the dry season and 25.8˚C in the rainy season.

  • In the Amazon basin of Ecuador rainfall is about 3000 mm or more. About half of the precipitation reaches the basin due to easterly winds, while the other half is the result of evaporation and transpiration of the great forest that covers the basin.

  • The driest months are November, December and January and the months with more rainfall during February, March, April and May.

  • There is a time in the year when the temperature drops to 17˚C / 62˚F in the woods for about a week , this is known as ”cold spell” when the influence of winds from Antarctica cools the Amazon basin.