The dangers that mining represent for any country is incalculable, and more if the place where the action is done is inside the sacred lands of the Amazon Rainforest, one of the last natural lungs left in the entire planet and home for many indigenous communities that really take care of the environment. What is Ecuador doing to prevent this situation and a future massive disaster?

The prices of oil have been decreasing considerably for some years, and Ecuador has taken into consideration other areas that were forgotten but are not necessarily the greatest ideas to preserve the natural resources and the places that the gods have given us. One of these wrong ideas is mining, but not anywhere: the best places to start mining are in the south of the country, and the Amazon rainforest is also in danger because some of its territories are full of precious gems.


Importance of avoiding mining in the Amazon


Two decades or more have been spent in the Amazon and surrounding areas to avoid people who have wanted to exploit our lands in search of oil sources for their own benefit, and now we are having trouble with people who want to get profit from mining, mostly foreign companies who could care less about a territory that is not their home.


What hurts us more is that our government hasn’t opposed yet to this arbitrary idea that would leave many people without a home and many human beings without pure air: if mining projects start, they will expand without any control and they would get what they want… but will we have a better place to live? Just a reminder: have anyone of you thought that after mining processes finish, most places remain uninhabitable? Have you thought that if this happens in the Amazon, many animals will die and the water contamination will be unavoidable? But the government thinks quite the opposite and prefers to silence the voices of those who are fighting for a greener future.

Have you seen how people live in China and Japan’s main cities, or cities where there are important factories to exploit lands? They have to wear masks because pollution is hard to avoid and they barely have green spaces to wipe away all the toxicity that comes from those greenhouse gases they do not care producing.

Latin America has been, even when we are classified as ‘third-world’ or ‘underdeveloped’ countries, a place where pollution and contamination are not as rough as they are in Asia. Would you like to visit a paradise like this, being forced to wear an uncomfortable mask? Because that is the future for those places where mining and oil projects and polluting factories are settled down and developed.