Natural and Cultural Experience

Imagine a unique and exclusive journey where you can be the main actor of a story not yet told, of ancestral cultures, magic and mythic places where each place transports us to an extraordinary natural and cultural experience, , unique, complete and beautiful.
Crossing the Amazon, visiting exotic places far from the big cities in a trip that you will never forget.
…Our journey begins early in the morning; the city wakes up little by little and at the background you can listen some familiar sounds like cars and buses, sounds that suddenly are going to be converted in a far memory, preamble of the wonders that we are about to discover in our so expected adventure.

We get on open what is going to be our transport, a transport that opens the door to unique landscapes, moments and experiences that connect us between cities, towns and provinces that are part of our wonderful country; new and friendly faces that receive and greet you while you get comfortable and anxious to start your journey that is going to be in a story that only you will have the privilege to live and tell.

We go through the famous avenue of the volcanoes where we can take advantage of some small stops to appreciate these gigantic and colossus wonders, and realize how lucky we are to still live and witness these kinds of landscapes.
It´s a short trip of 4 hours with destination the Amazon, few hours if we think about all the wonders that we are going to be able to see and appreciate, landscapes, people, cultures and experiences that we could observe in the path going through the villages, cities where you can even notice the difference of climate and vegetation, different people, landscapes…. Prepare because we are almost in shell… our window towards KAPAWI ECOLODGE & RESERVE.
From Shell we take a small but safe and comfortable plane; while we wait for the take off we already star to feel the changes in the weather and the diversity of colors and landscapes, elements that are part of the experience, an experience that has just began.
As soon as we take off and fly over the infinite and vast green of the Amazon, we leave behind any other track of road, people, cities and contamination, while we enjoy the trip towards our first important destiny, KAPAWI.
Little by Little we descend and we approach to what is going to be an improvised but well kept land field, with excitement we look through the windows to be received by some very friendly and helpful faces, the Achuar.

A community with strong spirit, where their beliefs and traditions are still alive, a community that we can learn from day by day, a unique community, and now we are part of it.
A boat waits for us to be transported to an unusual and magic place, where our adventure officially starts.
At Kapawi you will be surrounded by hectares and hectares of primary forest, away from any type of contamination and wrapping in a mythic world with the Achuar who will be your hosts during your stay, enjoying walks, excursions, kayak, visits to communities and many buy many activities that will make your stay a moment you will never forget.
Imagine yourself sailing down river in kayak, with nothing more than the jungle and vegetation around you, suddenly a peculiar sound, shapes in the water and little by little make sense, shapes that at their moment transform into our friend the pink dolphin of sweet water, a mystic animal of great power according to the Achuar community, in this place only at a few meters of distance you can participate of hundreds of years of history, legends and magic…
Soon the night will fall and we will be prepared for something unexpected, a unique experience that you will be part of, can you imagine wake up early in the morning and share a family moment, unique and important for the Achuar people, it´s the ceremony of the guayusa, in which members of the community share their experiences, interpret dreams, tell stories and legends, while we get prepared to purify our body with this tee prepared naturally form the jungle in a traditional ceremony in this wonderful culture, with this we prepare to start the day, and all the activities that this brings us.

One of the most important enriching activities is the visit to the Achuar communities, where we can have the opportunity to experiment a different and unique style of living, an ancient culture still alive and extraordinary interesting, we will be welcome to one of the traditional families, where the owner of the house will tell us about his living, histories, and others that we can´t simply stop appreciating, we will drink their traditional beverage The Chicha, we will share moments of great natural and cultural interest, let yourself wrap into a mystic and magical world where two cultures will merge in a moment that you will never forget…
Walks by the self guided paths in the virgin jungle, lunch in the middle of the forest, clay licks of parakeets and parrots, night excursions, fishing, swimming, boat trips, visit to the communities, traditional ceremonies, kind and warm people, all of this awaits for us at Kapawi Ecolodge & Reserve, a place that will always be remembered in our hearts…
It is time to continue our adventure heading towards NAPO WILD LIFE CENTER, a beautiful palce where nature, their sounds, their wildlife, their flora and their people come together in harmony that captivates all of our senses.
This beautiful Lodge of unique characteristics is part of the National Park of Yasuní, which is located in the provinces of Orellana and Pastaza. It´s the region of bigger biological diversity in the world, in only one hectare of the Park we have found 644 species of trees. To put this number in perspective, in one hectare of the Park there are more classes of trees that in all North America, this is the natural richness that we have.
It is a beautiful and fragile zone, a zone that calls to be protected and preserved for future generations, a zone that not all are in obligation and right to take care of, it is a legacy and heritage that we cannot leave behind…

We take off in a small plane flying over the humid tropical forest, a journey where the majesty and the immensity of this place makes presence in each centimeter of air, land and water that we can watch; in this trip we can see from a different perspective all the diversity of the region, it’s a trip that you will never forget…
After a short period of time we arrive with excitement to El Coca city, where they wait for us cordially to take a comfortable boat with motor that will take us by the Napo River to the National Park Yasuní, home of the extraordinary Lodge Napo Wildlife Center.
Napo Wildlife Center will welcome you, here is where the cultural and magical experience of Kapawi fuses with the natural and cultural experience of Napo, a place where your eyes simply cannot believe, an extraordinary place, and again… a place called Ecuador.
A route by canoe by river until we arrive to the majestic lagoon of Añangu, will give us the opportunity to watch the flora and fauna of this region, where Little by Little we are going further in a natural, magical and friendly environment.

An observation tower of birds in the middle of the jungle, canoeing, visits to the communities of Añangu, beautiful clay licks where we have the opportunity to watch different kinds of parrots and parakeets ready to feed right in front of our eyes, exploration of trails but with lot of nature and fauna that is the main element in this place, let yourself be captivated by the sounds of nature, fauna, flora, people, rivers, waterfalls, forest and over all let yourself be captivated by a place called Ecuador…
We are two different places and similar at the same time, we want to give you the opportunity to discover our ancient cultures, our territory, our people, our animals…. Our Ecuador, we want you to live the EXPERIENCE KAPAWI & NAPO!