Once you get into the almost unexplored forest of the Ecuadorian Amazon basin, you will discover the many activities we have prepared for you. Some of them include going to rivers and submerging into the waters… but be careful: if the guide does not allow you, try not to swim in forbidden areas, or you could find a hungry alligator!


There are many activities waiting for you in our lodge, but the ones including water are pure fun! For example, we offer kayaks for those ones who want to explore the rivers with more action; and canoes for those ones who want a peaceful ride. See here more details for you to choose the best plan for you and your companions!

Canoe Rides

To arrive and leave Kapawi Ecolodge, you will be received by a canoe that will take you to your destination. This is the first contact with Amazon waters, which are mostly peaceful and quiet.

Then, one you are in the lodge, you will have to choose between a night walk or a canoe ride: both are perfect for those who want to see the beauties of the jungle at night, when some animals are asleep but some others wake up to the sounds of crickets and owls.

  • The night-time canoe ride will be around the lodge, and guests to see the insects and reptiles inside the rivers, so bring your flashlight and your camera with you if you don’t want to lose any single detail from your night trip!

Private Canoe River Cruise

Love is also important for us at the ecolodge, so we prepared an exceptional trip for you and your beloved one: a private cruise trip with special features such as some snacks, cushions, the lights of candles, and a bottle of wine: everything to have a romantic moment under the stars of the Amazon.

  • The captain will turn the motor off to let you have some privacy while watching the fascinating landscapes that the lodge offers, as well as listening to the sound of nature, which will create a more romantic and special moment.
  • Then after you get such an intimate moment, you could have a romantic dinner at the lodge, and that ask your couple to marry you at the lodge, under the Achuar traditions. Isn’t it perfect?g

Everything here is good fun: Kapawi shows you the best of the jungle without losing the entertaining activities you want and deserve!