Solar Canoe in the Ecuadorian Rainforest Amazon

Little by Little this great idea of two big companies is almost reaching its end, all the exhaustive hours of hard work and effort are taking shape, and proudly we can communicate that our solar canoe for Kapawi Ecolodge and Reserve and all the Achuar community of Ecuador is almost finished!

This great initiative involves two companies, Kapawi Ecolodge & Reserve together with Pachamama Foundation, who work really hard for the Achuar Community, who are the owners of the company, who have put lots of effort and dedication to take this project forward. These two companies had the vision and the unconditional support of national and international entities for its funding, being GIZ one of them, who provided them an important capital for the development of this project.

The canoe is going to be an important reference point and a model to follow for all the communities and companies that want to count with an instrument of this category, providing development, sustainability and technology to the hard work in protecting the environment we live in.

The Amazon rainforest and the Achuar community will be the main beneficiaries of this teamwork; these are ideas and important projects for the development of the indigenous towns, the Amazon region and for all Ecuador!

The canoe Works with solar panels that give power to its engines and allows saving fuel, it does not contaminate and makes the trip in it more comfortable and worthy to enjoy.

By not making a big noise of a mechanical engine, it facilitates us especially in our visits and excursions avoiding the Amazon fauna to easily get scared by stranger visitors which quickly hide in the jungle, with this canoe we are going to be unnoticed, avoiding disturbing the habitants and owners of the Amazon jungle.

Thank you very much to all the people involved in this magnificent Project that is going to be indeed an initial process in the transportation and mobilization in our immense rivers, lakes and lagoons of our beautiful country, Ecuador!.