An idea that started as a dream has almost come to a successful reality: two companies involved on the project of building a canoe that could use solar energy instead of fuel made it possible, and they are Pachamama Foundation and Kapawi Ecolodge and Reserve! Find out more about this ambitious project here.


We are full of pride and desires of showing you our new project, which is nearly to the point of being a fact: a solar canoe! It is an initiative born from the Achuar community to satisfy a need of ending with traditional motorboats that use fuel and pollute the pristine environment at the lodge and its surroundings.


A radical change for the Achuars, a model for the rest of the world


This new-system canoe will use solar panels that will give the necessary power to the engines on the boat, avoiding this way the use of fuel and giving a small but significant contribution to preserve the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador, which is our last biggest green ecosystem around the world.

  • Kapawi and Pachamama Foundation have been working hard for the Achuar community since practically all the people who work in both companies are Achuar members.

The Achuars have put tons of effort into creating a lodge that could not only keep the aesthetics of the jungle, but also preserve the jungle itself, with ecologic tourism based on self-sustainability and solar energy to stop using oil, which has damaged Ecuador’s rainforest a lot since most of the Ecuadorian oil reserves are in the Amazon.

  • This is the main reason why the project of a solar canoe was conceived, to start taking care of the planet even with simple, small, actions like this one.

Both companies, Kapawi and Pachamama Foundation, have had the unconditional support of national and international companies such as GIZ, which gave them the most important sum of money to develop and make the project possible.

This new type of canoe will be a starting point for many more projects and improvements, and it will also become a model for all the surrounding communities and companies, because we believe in a healthy type of competition, but not one where this is better than that and A is enemy of B: a competition where everybody is able to have the opportunity of giving the finest of themselves to improve their service to every single customer that visits Ecuador.

The canoe will make our boat trips easier than ever: the canoe does not make loud noises that could scare the aquatic fauna, which are the real owners of the entire Amazon. Indeed, it is so silent that they won’t notice our presence!

We want to thank all of you, because without each one of you it would have been impossible to reach this goal. See you at Kapawi, soon you’ll know about our solar canoe!