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March 2017

Manioc Beer, a jungle delicacy

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Manioc beer is a native drink from the Amazon. It is a beverage for the male members in the community, made in a very singular way. It is the result of letting chicha, the most [...]

Chontacuros: The strangest yet tastiest food in the Amazon

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Some people are afraid of new tastes. Some others just want to keep tasting their traditional flavors. And others, who usually are few people, try different foods that transport them to new sensations. And this [...]

Natem Ceremonies (Ayahuasca)

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What is so relevant about Natem that it has to be mentioned? As it has been said in other articles, the native tribes in the Amazon give special importance to rituals, because they allow people [...]

Marry under the Achuar Traditions!

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Marriage is always a great celebration that must be prepared with a lot of time and patience, but in the Amazon it is the simplest yet most emotional event you can have: the Achuars perform [...]

August 2016

The Achuar Experience

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In one of my first trips to the Ecuadorian Amazon, specifically to Kapawi Eco Lodge & Reserve [...]