In one of my first trips to the Ecuadorian Amazon, specifically to Achuar Lodge, I could understand at firsthand what it meant to have a first experience, not as something that you are dealing with every day but something more like a living, situations that make that moment to be one of a kind, unique and probably they won´t be repeated.

Only then I could understand what the word experience meant, an experience is when you wake up very early in the morning to get ready and go for 4 hours through the famous avenue of the volcanoes, watching beautiful landscapes and moments through the high lands of the Andean region going straight to the magnificent Ecuadorian Amazon, an experience is to get on a small aircraft and fly over a huge and infinite green cape which is the great tropical rainforest, where each of our senses will focus in one and imaginable feeling that cannot be expressed with words, an experience is to land in an improvised but secure air field of soil in the Achuar Community Sharam an the Achuar Lodge.

An experience is being received in the Achuar Lodge by some friendly faces that are part of the community and staff of the Lodge, an experience is going out to sail in Balsa Raft to be part of the immensity of the Amazon forest, whenever less you expect it you are surrounded of beautiful and mystic pink dolphins of sweet water, an experience is to share in the community with an authentic Achuar community that tell us about their daily life living, traditions and experiences, share with them the traditional beverage that they call Chicha, know their story and their way they live in the Amazon jungle, which surrounds us in a world full of magic and tradition, an experience is going out to the jungle and take a walk that we never want to end and because they transport us to a world full with hope and life.

And suddenly this concept came to my mind, this way of living, a word that transmits emotions and experiences that I want to share with you….

I lived the ACHUAR EXPERIENCE, do you dare to live it?…