Located deep in the Achuar territory, far from any town, roads or any kind of civilization, in one word… Pristine.

  • This Amazon Rainforest Lodge is situated deep in the nearly two million acres of the Achuar people’s traditional territory near the confluence of the Pastaza and Capahuari Rivers-the former a major, the latter a minor tributary of the Amazon-near the border between Ecuador and Peru.

  • This Amazon jungle area is one of the most remote and well-protected parts of the western Amazon Basin. It is a remote and pristine region, untouched by logging, mining or petroleum extraction.

  • The closest road is a ten-day walk from the Amazon lodge. The rivers are not navigable to the lodge from the nearest outposts of civilization. Kapawi is accessible only by air.

  • The entrance to the jungle lodge and to Achuar territory, flying in a small plane over the uninterrupted vastness of green triple-canopy rainforest, is one of the unique highlights a visit to Kapawi provides.

  • Your official Amazon Jungle excursion begins in Shell, near the Amazonian frontier town of Puyo. This is the headquarters for the Achuar people outside of their rainforest territory.

  • Shell can be reached overland from Quito in about four and one-half hours by public bus, or by private car, van or motor coach. The route from Quito travels south through the spectacular “Avenue of the Volcanoes”, then descends to the important tourist center of Baños. Shell is then an hour away, down the majestic Pastaza River canyon, filled with waterfalls and a beautiful entrance to the Amazon rainforest.