Experience the life itself, incomparable standards and memorable and unique moments with us.

  • A solar system at Kapawi supplies the energy needs of the lodge and is supplemented by a backup generator. All guest rooms have 110 volt power, are efficiently illuminated with energy-saving lamps, and have electric outlets for recharging camera or personal device batteries.
  • No artificial illumination exists along the boardwalks since it could modify the behavior of nocturnal animals. You will need to bring a flashlight with you for use when walking to and from your room at night.

  • All drinking water at the Lodge is filtered through a flush-back and sand filter, and finally purified with ozone. We provide glass carafes of purified water in your room, and there is always a large dispenser of purified drinking water available in the dining room.

  • At Kapawi you do not need to lock your room. It is a very safe environment; however, each room does have a security box where you can keep your valuables. There is also a safe in the main office at the lodge.

  • All bar and boutique-shop purchases are charged on your tab during you stay. Your bill can be settled in cash, travelers’ checks or credit card, but only MasterCard or Visa.

  • Swimming can be safely done in the lakes and rivers around the lodge. The water temperature is perfect and refreshing. Swimming, or just gently drifting down a river in a rubber inner tube, can be a highlight of your stay so be sure to bring a bathing suit.

  • We provide biodegradable soap and shampoo in bathrooms and showers. Please do not bring non-biodegradable products for use at the lodge.

  • The administrators at the lodge and the naturalist guides are all trained in emergency first aid.

  • We recommended leaving no trace, leaving footprints only. Containers for recycling- biodegradable, paper, non-biodegradable (metal, plastics, glass, etc.), and batteries-are located at the lodge. However, we encourage you to take back with you everything that you brought to the lodge, especially your used batteries.

  • We do have a satellite internet connection and satellite telephone connection at the main office that can be used in emergencies.

  • A variety of international and traditional cuisine is offered to our guests.
  • Breakfast: Starting at 5:00 a.m., a light breakfast is provided to birdwatchers (available upon request). A full breakfast is available from 6:30 a.m.
  • Lunch: Is provided in the dining room about 1:00 p.m. Boxed lunches are provided to visitors taking full day trips.
  • Dinner: Is served about 7:30 p.m.
  • Meals are prepared by an excellent culinary staff, and include classic light cuisine, as well as Achuar dishes.
  • The kitchen can accommodate vegetarian and most other special dietary requests.