Slight changes appear in the Amazonian seasons every month: since it is a rainforest, you should expect the Ecuadorian Amazon to rain at unexpected times, but rain will eventually stop to show you the most amazing views in this fantastic jungle. Sunshine and sunsets are one of the best attractions in this paradise.


During the entire year the temperature in the Amazon is mostly hot and humid, but nights have a cool temperature. Rains and sunshine are expected equally, because they are just like the sun and the moon in many places around the world: none of them appears more than the other. However, there is a rainier season. Temperatures depending on each season can rise from approximately 20º to 30ºC.

How is the weather depending on each season?


28ºC is the average temperature in the Amazon, but nights are always expected to be cooler. One fact is decisive: as the rainforest and the whole country are located exactly on the Equator line, the whole country has regulated seasons and few changes on its weather. The Amazon experiences these changes in two particular seasons: rainier season and wetter season.

  • The rainier season happens from December to June. Temperatures vary from 23º to 30ºC, with numerous rains between April and May.
    • The best thing about this season is that many plants have blossomed to grow flowers and fruits, and they will attract many kinds of animals such as primates, which appear to look for fruit to eat.
  • The drier or wetter season happens from July to November. Temperatures vary from 26ºC to 40ºC, and rains are still expected but in a lower degree.
    • Since the waters decrease to their shortest point, some other species of animals that do not show during the rainier season will appear. For example, fish lay their eggs abundantly and will frequently appear in the rivers, aquatic birds will nest around the beaches to start hunting those fish, and the Amazon Crocodile or cayman also appears to feed on fish.

Both seasons are perfect to visit the Amazon as each one shows different kinds of activities and animal species. After having known all these facts, you must also know that there is not such a thing as the best time to visit the Amazon: any month is perfect to visit the Ecuadorian jungle since, even when it’s raining; it will be a magic time to go for a walk around the jungle, or have a kayak trip in the rivers!

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