Have you asked yourself what makes you happy? Have you asked others what makes them happy? And what about the whole nation? And going beyond… have you asked yourself if you are actually part of a community?

There are some topics that define a healthy relationship between people from the same groups, or for people to belong to any group, because it’s possible to have a community.

Some countries in the world have been classified as the happiest in the world, and if we see why in detail, we’ll find that there are not so many factors that contribute to a state of welfare and happiness when being part of a whole.


Key recommendations to great communities

Denmark has been the happiest or one of the happiest countries for years. Why? Because its inhabitants have learned to live without classes, and they earn almost the same, so there is no need to fight for better things: everyone has the same access to the same resources, which are spent in a wise way.

“How could we get to that point?”; you may be asking yourself right now. And there are some suggestions to achieve that state of happiness with yourself and with others around you:

  1. Your needs are not more important than others’ needs and quite the opposite: all of them are important and they need to be heard by those who have the power to change things. Ego is not a way to achieve goals.
  • Talking about power, if people who are the rulers of your nation don’t understand that they are public workers who are paid with your taxes and are there to work for you and your needs, the rest of the steps are quite harder to achieve. This is one of the reasons Latin America is still underdeveloped in many aspects, and that’s why all of us must join for the same cause!
  1. You need to feel part of a group, and that group should accept you if you meet their conditions, and that way you’ll have an identity.
  2. Once you’re part of that group, integration, interaction and communication are crucial. You need to be recognized by others, and taking care of your group while they also take care of you is the best way you can be seen.
  3. Influence your surroundings and make a difference!
  4. Make positive actions to gain more recognition and respect, and treat others as you would like to be treated. This is a basic rule.
  5. Internet is a great tool, but forming real communities through a virtual space is not a great idea. Warmth, contact and live actions are what a community is made of.


And remember: a humanitarian cause, such as helping others or your environment, will always be welcomed. Kapawi recommends you planting trees or cleaning the beaches to help the planet!